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Gay Spain 2018

Gay Spain has 6 major gay destinations and numerous other gay destinations, you’ll likely find yourself coming back for a gay holiday in Spain, many times! The top 6 all have very different ambiances. From the trendy Barcelona scene, the raunchy incognito Madrid scene, the see and be seen classy Sitges scene, commercial Gran Canaria scene, tightly packed Torremolinos scene to the old world friendly in a modern city Benidorm scene, there is something for you, whatever you are looking for.

Spain’s top gay destinations

Out of this world architecture. Trendy scene.Spain's capital city. Raunchy scene.
Gay Barcelona Travel GuideGay Madrid Travel Guide
Sitges Torremolinos
Classy beach, restaurant & bar scene.Brits 'n' chips with sun.
Gay Sitges Travel Guide Gay Torremolinos Travel Guide
Gran Canaria Benidorm
Sunny & hot all year round.Back to the future.
Gay Gran Canaria Travel GuideGay Benidorm Travel Guide


Spain’s other gay destinations

Lemonade in the lemon grovesHome of the Guggenheim
Gay Alicante Travel GuideGay Bilbao Travel Guide
Hello sailor!An oasis in the desert
Gay Cadiz Travel Guide Gay Zaragoza Travel Guide
Granada Ibiza
Students!Let's dance
Gay Granada Travel GuideGay Ibiza Travel Guide
Malaga Marbella
Big city, small scene.Playground of the rich & famous
Gay Malaga Travel GuideGay Marbella Travel Guide
Murcia Palma
A taste of real SpainMediterranean island
Gay Murcia Travel GuideGay Palma de Mallorca Travel Guide
San Sebastian Seville
True northThe real Spain!
Gay San Sebastian Travel GuideGay Seville Travel Guide
Tenerife Valencia
Spain's biggest could erupt!Home of the Paella
Gay Tenerife Travel GuideGay Valencia Travel Guide

Spain, voted the most gay friendly country on the planet. Indeed, the government has said they want to make it the number one gay holiday destination in the world. Homosexuality has been legal since the 1800s. The first gay nudist beach in the world was established in 1930, in Sitges. Same sex marriage was legalised in 2005.

Gay Barcelona Gay Madrid Gay Sitges Gay Torremolinos Gay Maspalomas Gay Benidorm
Gay Alicante | Gay Bilbao | Gay Cadiz | Gay Granada | Gay Ibiza | Gay Malaga | Gay Marbella | Gay Murcia
Gay Palma de Mallorca | Gay San Sebastian | Gay Seville | Gay Tenerife | Gay Valencia | Gay Zaragoza

Gay Iberia is the gay landmass, bordered to the north by the Pyrenean mountains and to the south, by the Straits Gays of Gibraltar.

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Our aim with is to keep it as simple as possible, yet have all the info you need. 1. Click on the town you want to go to. 2. Click on what you like in that town; “Bars” for example. You’ll see a comprehensive list of all venues. 3. Click on “More” for full details of the venue. No bells. No whistles. Nothing is further than 3 clicks from this page!!! Its that simple.

Also, wherever possible, we have tried to pick a photo that is most representative of the venue, on the “More” pages. We don’t give opinions on anything, just the facts. We list everything that is gay. We only list “gay-friendly” venues if it is known to be frequented by a good percentage of gay folk, though generally we have steered clear of the countless number of “gay-friendly” places popping up – ya know what I mean. Hotels are the only exception to that rule, but we have made sure they are welcoming to the gay community.

Oh and one last thing. We do a never ending rotation, checking the venues we have listed, to make sure they’re still there. The full cycle takes a few months…there are literally thousands of places listed in this guide. If you can ever tell us about somewhere new, we’d really appreciate it. We’re usually the last to know about somewhere new that’s opened, because everyone assumes we must know, so no one tells us – no kidding! That said, we have our sources and do a pretty good job of keeping on top of it, but please tell us all the same.

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Last updated: April 25th. 2018