Bar Blue Night Gay Bar, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.

Bar Blue Night
“To be or not to be…… OR JUST BE? Who cares? WE DO! Come and see! WE LOVE OUR GUESTS. YES WE DO! ….and “YES WE CAN” …AND WE DO!!! Best Music in Yumbo! You like Madonna? We have Madonna! You love ABBA? We have ABBA! You are into progressive house? We LOVE PROGRESSIVE HOUSE! We love WHAT YOU LOVE!!! What we don’t love is discrimination. You are black or white or colored? YOU ARE GREAT! You are young or older, thin or heavy, woman or even german? YOU ARE VERY VERY WELCOME!” Shirt Off = free shot. Throusers Off = 2 free shots. Underware Off = you have to buy shots for everyone 🙂
Daily, midnight to late.
261/16, C. C. Yumbo, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain.

Bar Blue Night Maspalomas