Gay Madrid Discos

Madrid Gay Discos

Madrid folk love to party. There’s everything from Spanish music clubs to underground music, to alternative to circuit type parties, but you may want to take a nap before going out Madrid’s gay discos, because they take to the dance floor very late, and go home in daylight!

Baila CariñoSanta Engracia, 17 Friday, Saturday More
Be YourselfCalle Puebla, 6 ThursdayMore
BoiteCalle Tetuán, 27 Friday, Saturday More
CuencaCalle de Martín de los Heros, 14 Friday, Saturday More
DLRO LiveCalle Pelayo, 59 Thursday, Friday, Saturday More
Kabaret 3.0Calle Puebla, 6 SundayMore
KlusterCalle Covarrubias, 42 SaturdayMore
LaKama WeekendPlaza del Callao 4FridayMore
TangaCalle Barceló, 11SundayMore
YassCalle de Jacometrezo, 6FridayMore

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