Gay Marbella

Gay Marbella 2019

November 2019

Gay Marbella GuideIf you are thinking of going to Marbella for a gay holiday, it’s probably not the place for you. There is currently only 2 small gay bars.┬áMarbella is Spain’s playground for the rich and famous, but the straight rich and famous!

Almost all Gay Marbellans go to Torremolinos since it has many more gay bars.
You will find other Marbella gay bars listed in other guides, but just about every year a new gay bar opens, then closes before the year is out.
The Library Bar – Came and went. Metro – Came and went. Soy Tu & Mykonos – Came, lasted longer than most, then went. Even the two long standing bars, Ojo & Boccacio closed their doors.

Gay Bars

Fenix Edificio la Torre Marbella Gay music bar. Map More

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