Gay Alicante

Gay Alicante Travel Guide 2017


April 2017

Whatever Alicante may lack as a tourist hot spot, it more than makes up for with a heaving gay scene! The bars are big, much bigger than you would expect from a town this size, and they fill up summer and winter with a mix of all ages. People frequently travel from Benidorm, 45 km up the coast, down to Alicante, for its excellent night life. It is also fueled by students from the large University of Alicante, an attraction in itself!

The gay bars are located  in the center of town. I suspect that had there been a beach, instead of a marina taking up the seafront, it would have been a top gay destination.

Alicante has mild winter temperatures, hot summers and little rain. On average, only 37 rainy days per year and approximately 2,850 sunshine hours. September & October being the wettest months.