Gay Spain

August 29th. 2016

Gay Spain Travel Guide

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Spain, voted the most gay friendly country on the planet. Indeed, the government has said they want to make it the number one gay holiday destination in the world. Homosexuality has been legal since the 1800s. The first gay nudist beach in the world was established in 1930, in Sitges. Same sex marriage was legalised in 2005.

Spain’s top gay destinations

Out of this world architecture. Heaven sent men.Horny little devils everywhere!
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Sitges Torremolinos
Classy beach, restaurant & bar scene.Brits 'n' chips with sun.
Gay Sitges Travel Guide Gay Torremolinos Travel Guide
Gran Canaria Benidorm
Shopping by day. Shopping by night!Back to the future.
Gay Gran Canaria Travel GuideGay Benidorm Travel Guide
.PASES Gay Spain Saunas

Spain’s other gay destinations

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Gay Iberia is the landmass, bordered to the north by the Pyrenean mountains and to the south, by the Straits Gays of Gibraltar.

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